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Private Flight Services

With PASS Charters, you're not just booking a flight; you're crafting a personalized journey that caters to your schedule, preferences, and privacy requirements. Discover the freedom of flying on your terms, with access to a wide range of premium aircraft and dedicated services designed to make your trip as seamless as possible.

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Why Pass Charters?

Choosing Pass Charters for your private flight needs transforms your travel experience, offering unparalleled flexibility, privacy, and access to destinations beyond the reach of commercial airlines. Our bespoke service caters to the unique demands of each traveler, ensuring a seamless, luxurious, and efficient journey from start to finish. With Pass Charters, you're not just getting from point A to point B; you're doing so in style, with every detail tailored to your preference.

Exclusive Airport Access

Fly closer to your destination with our ability to land at smaller, less congested airports that commercial planes cannot access. This advantage significantly reduces your travel time and gets you directly where you need to be, hassle-free.

Customized Itineraries

Freedom is at the heart of our service. Unlike scheduled flights, we offer the flexibility to build a custom itinerary that fits your schedule perfectly, allowing for multiple stops or last-minute changes without the usual constraints.

Privacy & Comfort

Enjoy the luxury of your own space, where meetings can be held, or relaxation can be enjoyed without interruptions. Our private flights offer a level of privacy and comfort that commercial flights simply cannot match, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers.


With no need to arrive hours before departure, go through lengthy security lines, or wait for connecting flights, your time spent traveling is drastically reduced. Our streamlined boarding process and direct routes ensure that your valuable time is spent on what matters most to you.

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Corporate & Personal Itineraries

PASS Charters redefines the landscape of travel for both corporate clients and personal adventurers by offering customized travel solutions tailored to meet the unique demands and aspirations of each traveler. With a commitment to excellence, PASS Charters combines luxurious accommodations, exclusive access to events and locations, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every trip is not just a journey, but a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Customized Travel Experiences

Whether it's a corporate retreat, a team-building excursion, or a family holiday, PASS Charters' meticulous planning and personalized itinerary design transform every trip into an exceptional experience. For businesses, this means travel arrangements that cater to productivity and team dynamics.

Effortless Coordination & Flexibility

PASS Charters offers effortless coordination of travel logistics and its adaptability to changes or unexpected challenges. Our agility translates to efficient handling of group travel complexities, from coordinating flights from multiple departure points to adjusting last-minute changes in the itinerary without disrupting the trip's flow. Personal travelers also benefit from this flexibility, with PASS Charters seamlessly accommodating alterations to travel plans, whether for extending a stay at a sought-after destination or shifting schedules to explore an unexpected opportunity.

An Experienced Team

Our insider knowledge and the ability to unlock doors to extraordinary experiences sets PASS Charters apart as a provider of not just travel, but memorable journeys that engage, inspire, and surprise. We distinguish ourselves by providing access to exclusive venues, events, and experiences that are often beyond the reach of standard travel services.

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Golf Travel & Custom Packages

At PASS Charters, our golf travel service is expertly designed for those who seek to blend the love of golf with the thrill of travel. Specializing in creating custom-tailored golf vacations, we provide golf enthusiasts access to the world's most exclusive and revered golf courses. With an emphasis on personalized experiences, our clients enjoy not just unparalleled access to premier golf destinations but also luxury accommodations, bespoke travel arrangements, and unique local experiences that enrich their golfing adventure.

Personalized Planning

From selecting the perfect courses to accommodating any level of player in your group, PASS Charters takes the time to understand what makes your ideal golf vacation. Whether it's arranging tee times at exclusive courses or finding the perfect accommodations, our golf travel service means you spend less time worrying about logistics and more time enjoying unforgettable rounds of golf in some of the world’s most stunning locations.

Exclusive Access to Prestiguous Courses

With PASS Charters, clients gain exclusive access to some of the most prestigious golf courses around the globe, many of which are not easily accessible to the general public. This access extends beyond the fairways to include customized experiences such as private tours, coaching sessions with top-ranked instructors, and VIP treatment at clubhouses and resorts.

Hassle-Free Experience

From the moment you start planning your golf trip to the time you return home, PASS Charters handles all the arrangements, including flights, ground transportation, accommodations, and even leisure activities outside golf. This comprehensive service not only eliminates the stress of travel planning but also ensures that every element of the trip is executed to the highest standard.

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Group Charters

Leveraging a vast network of aircraft and ground transportation options, we ensure your group travels together in privacy and style, seamlessly reaching destinations around the globe. Our dedicated team works closely with you to design itineraries that accommodate specific needs, preferences, and schedules, transforming travel into a cohesive, enjoyable, and stress-free experience.

Coordination & Efficiency

Utilizing PASS Charters for group charter services brings an unparalleled level of coordination and efficiency to group travel, ensuring that every aspect of the trip is seamlessly managed. From the initial planning stages to the final return trip, PASS Charters acts as a central hub for all travel logistics, handling everything from flight arrangements and ground transportation to accommodations and custom requests. This streamlined approach not only significantly reduces the complexity and time involved in organizing group trips but also enhances the overall travel experience.

Tailored to Your Needs

Recognizing that every group has its own unique set of requirements and objectives, PASS Charters goes above and beyond to ensure these needs are met with precision. Whether it's arranging for special amenities onboard, securing accommodations that cater to the group's size and preferences, or organizing exclusive access to events and locations, PASS Charters' commitment to customization is evident.

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Entertainment Travel

Navigating the complexities of tour schedules and ensuring the comfort and security of all involved can be a daunting challenge. PASS Charters emerges as the perfect partner, offering private flight services tailored to meet the unique demands of bands, their tour members, and the rigorous pace of their travel needs. With an emphasis on exclusivity, security, and bespoke service, our private plane offerings ensure that every leg of the tour is synchronized with the artists' needs and preferences.

Customized Accomodations

Understanding that each group has its own set of needs, whether it's for the secure transport of personal instruments or catering to special dietary preferences, our specialists work hand-in-hand with tour managers. This collaborative approach ensures that every aspect of the travel experience is customized to suit the preferences and necessities of the artist, from boarding to landing. Our commitment to addressing these unique needs with precision and care underscores our dedication to supporting the artistic process and the seamless execution of tours.

Diverse Fleet Offerings

With access to a wide range of aircraft options, from sleek corporate jets ideal for leading members to spacious executive jets designed to accommodate larger groups such as band members and staff, we offer unparalleled flexibility. This variety ensures that we can provide aircraft solutions that align with the specific schedule, size, and budget requirements of any tour. Coupled with our strong partnerships across the aviation industry, PASS Charters guarantees the availability of optimal flight options, simplifying travel logistics and ensuring that each tour segment is executed flawlessly, regardless of the scale or destination.

Sports Team Travel

Understanding the importance of performance, we ensure that your team travels in comfort, style, and with the utmost efficiency. Our dedicated service offers a seamless travel experience, allowing your team to focus on the game ahead without the distractions of conventional travel. With the ability to accommodate groups of any size and the flexibility to land at airports closer to your destination, Pass Charters is committed to getting your team to their next win with ease.

Streamlined Logistics

PASS Charters provides a streamlined logistical experience for sports team travel, ensuring that teams can focus on the game rather than the complexities of transportation and accommodations. PASS coordinates all aspects of your air charter flights, providing you with up-to-date, accurate information on your flight. Our experience and attention to detail mean teams arrive at their destinations rested, prepared, and focused, giving them a competitive edge.

Tailored Accomodations & Facilities

Understanding that sports teams have unique needs, PASS Charters goes above and beyond to secure accommodations and facilities that support peak performance. This includes arranging stays in hotels with the necessary amenities for athletes to relax and recharge, such as gyms, pools, and nutritional meal options. 

Wellbeing & Security

By prioritizing the well-being and security of the team, PASS Charters creates a supportive atmosphere that allows athletes and coaches to concentrate fully on their sporting objectives without concerns over logistical or health-related issues. This includes 24/7 assistance to address any unexpected issues swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to the team's schedule. The commitment to safety is evident in the choice of reliable transportation options and the implementation of rigorous health and safety protocols

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